domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

The Peninsular War Atlas by Colonel Nick Lipscombe

The Peninsular War saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the Napoleonic Wars. Despite the exposure given this theatre the soldiers who fought there have received little public recognition. The bicentennial commemorations of this war, aim to bring the war to wider recognition, bringing the Spanish, Portuguese and British together in remembering the dead, and re-examining the war in a balanced way. This atlas has been put together over the last decade by Colonel Nick Lipscombe of the British Army, who is based in Spain and is the chairman for the official organisation in charge of the commemorations. His 30 years of military service have allowed him to bring a unique perspective to this first complete atlas of the war. The mapping is of very high standard, and he has re-evaluated several battles in collaboration with Spanish authorities, and academics, and presents new interpretations of the sources. The 160 maps are accompanied by a text narrating the entire war. This title is a must for anyone interested in Napoleonic history.

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  1. Un grna libro muy recomendable. Los estados de fuerza de los ejércitos están bastante investigados y no se fían solo de Oman, sino que incluyen frecuentemente a Sañudo.
    Un abrazo